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Fiat Money Inflation In France

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Early in the year 1789 the French nation found itself in deep financial embarrassment; and this was speedily followed by calls for an issue of paper money. By August 1, 1795, some six years later, the gold 25 francs coin was worth in paper, 920 francs; on September 1st, 1,200 francs; on November 1st, 2,600 francs; on December 1st, 3,050 francs. In February, 1796, it was worth 7,200 francs or one franc in gold was worth 288 francs in paper. Prices of all commodities went up nearly in proportion. This story, of how a first world nation turned to paper money and destroyed itself, its people and its economy in the process, even arguably setting in motion the rise to power of Napoleon Bonaparte, is told in this book by Andrew Dickson White, academic, ambassador and author. As ever, history remains our best guide of what the future holds, and, considering our Fiat money system today, sounds a warning call that should be heeded.

Money Madness

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This brightly illustrated picture book introduces the concept

of money, first by looking at its development as an alternative to bartering and then by explaining the many forms of money, from primitive rocks, feathers, and metal lumps to the familiar coins and paper bills to alternatives such as checks, credit cards, and digital forms of payment. Adler does a particularly good job explaining the inconvenience of

bartering through child-friendly examples such as How would a baker trade for a house? How many loaves of bread would he have to trade? And why would anybody want so much bread? Using flat colors and stylized designs, Millers upbeat digital artwork helps to clarify points made in the text, while adding occasional bits of visual humor.

Money Laundering

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Many changes have occurred in the twenty-five years that have passed since the enactment of the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986. The law has been amended, new underlying crimes have been added, and court decisions have modified its scope. The Act remains an important tool in combating criminal activity. Now in its third edition, Money Laundering: A Guide for Criminal Investigators covers the basics of finding ill-gotten gains, linking them to the criminal, and seizing them. Providing a clear understanding of money laundering practices, it explains the investigative and legislative processes that are essential in detecting and circumventing this illegal and dangerous activity.

Highlights of the Third Edition include

  • Important court decisions and changes in federal law since the Second Edition
  • New trends in crime and terrorism financing
  • The rise of money laundering in connecting with major frauds, including the Bernie Madoff case
  • Law and policy shifts related to terrorism and financing since the Obama administration
  • New methods for financial intelligence and the filing of Suspicious Activity Reports
  • How changes in technology have enabled launderers to move funds more easily and anonymously

Knowledge of the techniques used to investigate these cases and a full understanding of the laws and regulations that serve as the government's weapons in this fight are essential for the criminal investigator. This volume arms those tasked with finding and tracing illegal proceeds with this critical knowledge, enabling them to thwart illegal profiteering by finding the paper trail.

My Friend Paperman

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BEDTIME STORIES DON'T HAVE TO BE A CHORE New 5-minute bedtime storybook concept using interactive imagination. Ask any parent how they feel about reading bedtime stories to their little ones, and you'll get the same response every time; "I feel guilty if I don't read a bedtime story, but I'm often too tired at the end of the day. When I do decide to read a story, my little one chooses the biggest, longest book, and my heart sinks. My child ends up getting over-stimulated when all I want is for him or her to quietly drift off to sleep." Sound familiar? This reality is played out every evening in most homes with children between the ages of 2-8. The debut book by Dave Bester was written specifically with this conundrum in mind. My friend Paperman is a collection of 5-minute bedtime stories that are super easy on parents and loved by children. The book encourages parents to substitute the main character's name with that of their child, so the little one stars in his or her own bedtime story. And parents read it directly from their device while the child has to close his or her eyes and use imagination to paint the pictures. The book features a 'real' special friend called Paperman. Parents are invited to make their own Paperman together with their child, and put it up on the wall in their child's bedroom. This makes the character real. Each story follows the same plot - when your child has gone to school Paperman hops down off the wall and goes to explore. Along the way Paperman meets all sorts of interesting characters, from bugs to animals, including a few who are on the endangered species list. Inevitably he gets into a spot of bother, and needs his special friend (your child) to come home and save him. Each story has a natural pace with all the action in the first few minutes, culminating in Paperman being saved and brought back to his bedroom, and put to bed by your little one. This is also the signal for your child to go to sleep. And each story only takes five minutes. Experts are in agreement that reading a bedtime story to children has a number of long-term benefits for children. Apart from solidifying a special bond between parent and child, children who are spoken to a lot are faster at understanding words. Rich and varied language fires the imagination, and children are required to work their memory to follow the plot. This speedy processing helps them do better at school. My friend Paperman is available at the Amazon Kindle Store. For more information go to or contact the author, Dave Bester, at . 5% of the proceeds of My friend Paperman will be donated to Rhinos in Africa, an organisation that assists those individuals and organisations who, through their tireless efforts, are helping to ensure the survival of this species for future generations. For more information go to .

How To Become A Money Magnet

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Are you working hard, only to reach a ceiling on your wealth?

Are you unconsciously sabotaging your chances of having more money?

This book is about attracting money easily. Marie-Claire shares the seven basic steps to becoming a Money Magnet. Based on her original 'How to become a Money Magnet!' workshop, the book is filled with case studies of real people who have taken the seven steps with fantastic results, as well as exercises to help you find the Money Magnet within you.

Whether you are looking for an immediate improvement in your finances or a sustained way of becoming wealthy, this book will help make attracting money fun, easy, and FAST!

Take responsibility for the amount of money in your life and resolve to become a Money Magnet now!

Marie-Claire's tips include the following:

  • Identifying which beliefs could be holding you back from attracting money
  • Creating an 'I Attract Money' chart
  • Spend a week paying in cash only, to assess how much you are really spending
  • Letting go of thoughts of 'how' you will attract money and focusing on the intention to attract it
About The Author

Marie-Claire Carlyle is a feng shui consultant and transformational coach, coaching individuals and corporate clients, and inspiring audiences with her passion.


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